Beautiful Witness, Chapter One
Author Stephen Scourfield reads the first chapter of his book Beautiful Witness, which is both travel and biography and combines stories from around the world with his own personal journey. 40 minutes



Beautiful Witness Musical Performance
A scripted performance from the book Beautiful Witness. Stephen Scourfield is accompanied by percussionist Thea Rossen & wind instrument player Jesse Deane, who composed, arranged and played music for the story, as it flows through Oman, Yukon, Lesotho and Italy. 47 minutes


As the River Runs
As the River Runs is a novel set in the Kimberley, in the north of Australia — in the present day and 20 years on from the previous novel Other Country. Stephen Scourfield reads a scripted excerpt which brings the country, and the story, to life. 19 minutes


The Luthier, from Unaccountable Hours
From his collection of three novellas, Unaccountable Hours, author Stephen Scourfield reads a scripted excerpt from The Luthier, in which sound shapes the life of a man who makes stringed musical instruments. 13 minutes


Like Water, from Unaccountable Hours
Like Water is the story of an unlikely love, between an elderly woman and a young man. Author Stephen Scourfield reads an excerpt from his collection of three novellas, Unaccountable Hours. 5 minutes


The Lighthouse Keepers 
The drama between people on a remote island unfolds through the messages sent back to a pigeon loft in this short story, The Lighthouse Keepers, which author Stephen Scourfield reads from his book Connected. 47 minutes


Other Country
Kimberley cattle station boys leave their Old Man and set out to break away from the recurring male history of their family and make better lives for themselves in the top end of Australia. 40 minutes



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